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Connect Your Emotion to Music

A cup of coffee first thing in the morning, some green tea after lunch,
a beer when all the work is done.
Just as you might select the perfect drink for each occasion, wouldn’t
it be nice to learn to play the perfect music for each of your moods?

We don’t use textbooks here at LAMBELL STUDIO.
We provide you with a short summary of our unique music theory,
you give us a song that you like, and our lessons will go from there.
Don’t worry about making mistakes: we’re not here to scold you.
You’ll never lose the knowledge and excitement you gain from songs you really love.
Keep a notebook for the things you want to remember;
as you learn song after song, one day you’ll find yourself with a textbook.
Come in with your passion—an adventure awaits!

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Miss. E / Student

Yuma doesn’t push you to do anything and you get to have fun.

Q.Did you find any changes or good things by lessons?
I really like how you get to choose how the lesson goes and how the teacher doesn’t push you to do anything and you get to have fun.
Q.What are the episodes in lesson that left an impression?
My most memorable lesson was when I had completed my first song Eternity, because I felt really proud and accomplished.
Q.What are your future goals?
I really want to complete my second song and do insta-live.


Ms. T / Student

I like the way I can explore at my own pace under Yuma’s guidance.

Q.What made you decide to go to LAMBELL STUDIO?
I enjoy my vocal lessons with Yuma because I have the freedom to do what I want to do and he gives me constructive criticism as well as encouragement to try new things.
Q.Did you find any changes or good things by lessons?
Under Yuma’s guidance, I started playing the guitar and writing my own songs. I also like the way I can explore at my own pace.
Q.What are your future goals?
There is still a lot to learn but I hope to be able to perform and share my music one day.


Mstr. K’s Mama / Student’s Parent

My 6-year-old son enjoys his time because Yuma keeps the lessons lively.

Q.What made you decide to go to LAMBELL STUDIO?
My 6-year-old son also enjoys his time at Lambell Studio very much because Yuma keeps the lessons lively and stimulates his interest in music by giving him the opportunity to play the piano and guitar spontaneously.
Q.Did you find any changes or good things by lessons?
As a result, my son is able to take something away from each lesson and those are not things that can be learned from a textbook.


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